#鐵道 #私房景點 #IG打卡聖地 【多良即時影像AI新技術】:(beta)當火車即將到達時,鏡頭自動轉至指定畫面,滿足火車迷的需求 本即時影像由 臺東縣政府交通及觀光發展處 建置 多良車站 @台東縣太麻里鄉 https://goo.gl/maps/dB41EabYzPtasthx8 在最美麗的車站眺望最美麗的大海,裁撤了車站卻裁不掉它的美麗。位於太麻里鄉的尾端,台九線400.5公里處右轉即至。 因站址原為山坡地,南迴鐵路工程處特別將車站以高架設計,一樓為候車室與售票處,二樓為月台,月台上的紅色欄杆為明顯特色,站在此處可鳥瞰太平洋,被譽為全臺灣最美的車站,吸引許多鐵道迷前來朝聖。 來到這最美麗的車站參觀時請注意,因月台與軌道間無任何安全措施,請勿隨意跨越鐵軌以免發生意外。多良火車站原為臺鐵招呼站,因業務清淡自2006年7月1日起結束旅客業務,同年10月1日正式裁撤。入園時間為每日上午7時至下午6時,清潔費每人10元。 更多多良車站旅遊資訊請見: https://tour.taitung.gov.tw/zh-tw/attraction/details/429 火車時刻請參考台鐵時刻表 金崙車站最近到站車次 https://tip.railway.gov.tw/tra-tip-web/tip/tip00H/tipH41/viewStaInfo/5210 小提醒:金崙車站上(下)一站就是多良車站,但不停靠,會直接經過至下一站。 Duoliang Station in Taitung, Taiwan https://goo.gl/maps/fyB5TQyc48M2t1Et6 This is a must-visit spot for railfans. With the newly opened Duoliang line, travelers can now board from Jinlun Station or Pingtung’s Fangliao Station to Longxi Station and enjoy the picturesque views through the train windows. The majestic scenery is just like the scenes from the movie “Spirited Away” when the train traveled on the sea surface! After called the most beautiful station, Duoliang Station has attracted more and more tourists, due to the juxtaposition of railway, mountain and ocean. It is actually not difficult to find this station. There is an obvious indicator at 400.5km on No.9 Provincial Highway. Then turn right and go upward. After this station was abolished, the roads previously connected to the platform have been removed. Now people can only stand on the roof of the station to overlook the Pacific scenery. Even so, its charm still remains. Although this station is not used any more, there are still trains passing. When a train rapidly passes in front into the cave, along with the background of blue ocean, rail fans would definitely be crazy for here. For more tourist information https://tour.taitung.gov.tw/en/attraction/details/699 台湾台東県 台鉄多良駅 https://goo.gl/maps/nUXwV7SuXLpqTqjG7 青く湛える太平洋、緑が連なる山脈、そして遠方からやってくる列車が織りなす定番の風景。多良駅は台湾で最も美しい駅と称され、鉄道ファンも必見の聖地となっています。多良新線開通後は、金崙駅または東枋寮駅から列車で滝渓駅まで行くことができるようになりました。車窓からの風景もまたすばらしく、まるで『千と千尋の神隠し』に出てくる、海面を走る列車のシーンのようで、驚嘆するばかりです。 もっと見る https://tour.taitung.gov.tw/ja/attraction/details/950 뚜오량(多良) 기차역 https://goo.gl/maps/wqhrnr9y1yNT9NSY6 짙푸른 태평양과 산맥 그리고 멀리서 오는 기차가 어울어져 만들어진 풍경은 뚜오량(良車)역을 타이완에서 가장 아름다운 역, 철도 마니아들이 필수로 방문해야 할 성지로 만들었습니다! 새로운 뚜오량(多良) 노선이 개통된 이후 진륜(金崙)역 또는 핑동방랴오(屏東枋寮)역에서 롱시(瀧溪)역까지 수면 위를 달리는 것 같은 기차 밖 풍경을 감상하실 수 있습니다. 마치 ‘센과 치히로’ 영화 속 장면처럼 감탄을 금치 못할 것입니다! 더 보기 https://tour.taitung.gov.tw/ko/attraction/details/1201

【4K】台東多良車站即時影像 Taitung Duoliang Station Live Camera

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